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Mr. Essa Al-Halaby

Published: Thursday, 17 April 2014

Mr. Essa "Mohammad Amin" Hammed Al-Halaby

Extensive experience by perfect mix of knowledge, skills and action.
Mr. Essa is a senior Master trainer specialized on the field of political protocols due to his past experience during the positions he held with high level political institutes the last 14 years.
Conducted several one to one special training sessions for high level Political and administrative figures. throughout applying distinctive knowledge, skills and science.

Mr. Essa Al-Halaby is an expert in the following training topics:

  • Political etiquettes and protocols.
  • Personal and Management Skills.
  • Training Skills
    • Presentation Skills.
    • Negotiation Skills.
    • Leadership skills.
  • Computer Skills
    • Excellent Knowledge in Information Technology and Computer Applications.
    • Excellent Knowledge in Operating Systems.
    • Database Design and Build.
    • Information Technology Infrastructure Design and Build.
  • Management & Supervisory Skills
    • Excellent Communication Skills.
    • Meetings and Events Management Skills ( high management level ).
    • Excellent Analysis Skills.
    • Problems Analysis and Solving Skills.
    • Excellent Experience in Re-engineering and Operations.







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