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Banking Program

Published: Monday, 14 April 2014


Mk  Management  Consulting  & Training  provide  an  opportunity  to understand exactly what key financial institutions do. How they have made money in the past and how trends are moving right now.Our Banking Program courses in this area are relevant, meaningful and fun, providing a great opportunity for course delegates to get answers to questions they might be reluctant to ask in other settings.This interactive and exercise-based course is targeted at delegates o fvarying  backgrounds,  providing them with  a  thorough  and  effective introduction to finance and banking markets.

The courses have been designed to cover a wide range of products and issues impacting international financial markets.  The course explains,without  undue  complexity,  exactly  how  the  international  capital markets  work,  the  relationships  between  key  players  and  the  keyfeatures of both corporate and investment banking. The  course  provides  a  supportive  and  non-threatening  environment where delegates are free to pose questions they might otherwise feel reluctant  to  ask.
A key  outcome  for  the  course  is  exploring  and understanding  causes,  events  and  implications  of  recent  financialcrises.

CONTACT US   to discuss your specific needs and we will be very happy to work with you to put together a tailored solution or advise you which of our courses focusing on training for leadership skills, best fits your requirements.







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